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Express UI5 - Creating UI5 applications quickly

6 years ago · 1 MIN READ

npm install -g expressui5

What is it?

ExpressUI5 is a very simple node.js package that looks at a folder of templates (currently only 1 template strong) and copies that template to a newly created folder with the given project name and new namespace.

Why should I use it?

Simply put, I am not a fan of SAP WebIDE. I want an IDE that I can fully control, customize, GIT integration that isn't painfully slow and generally has decent performance.

One of the few reasons people go back and use WebIDE however is the fact that you can easily make new projects from templates in the GUI. So being a developer who wanted to get to know a bit of Node.js I decided to 'scratch my own itch' as is so common for developers to do and remove my need to goto SAP WebIDE.

My IDE of choice is PHPStorm, though if looking for an IDE for Javascript/ front end technology only I'd suggest Webstorm as they're essentially the same but PHPStorm has additional help for PHP (which I use on my personal projects).

Awesome, How can I help?

Templates! The real problem here is having a number of templates, I want to push past the number of avaliable templates from WebIDE and have a repository of many different templates for many different use cases. So If you have any templates to add please follow the instructions found in the readme for the project and submit a PR in the GitHub project.


There is only 1 template avaliable right now and it's a very basic one for the proof of concept that the application will actually work. I will be adding more templates to this as I have time to do so, likely making use of Northwind in examples that could use data binding.

I've not tested this out on all platforms but if you have a Mac this should work fine.


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