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Hello World!

3 years ago · 1 MIN READ

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Nathan Hand a 25 year old web developer currently living in Bristol, United Kingdom who graduated from Aberystwyth univeristy in 2015.

I love to cook, read (typically fantasy) and play games (both video and board).

What do I do?

I'm a SAP Applications Consultant working for Capgemini, I'm part of our technology team where I usually work on SAP UI5 applications for various clients across the country.

Outside of my day job I'm also an entrepreneur with a small business called "fire ferrets". I use this business for side projects, and the occasional web-hosting for some friends/ small businesses for whom I've created bespoke websites/ applications.

I might do some small case studies/ discussions about my side projects as a nice little "easing into" blogging as they're all something I know a great deal about and can probably write up a fair amount.

What I will be doing

Being a web developer I'm super interested to dive into newer technology, my work has me working with SAP UI5 but this year I hope to learn some other frameworks.

The blog posts that I'll write here will be whatever takes my interest, they might cover UI5, automation, devops, my little side projects/ fun scripts or websites and maybe some tutorials!

Useful links

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Nathan Hand

SAP Applications consultant working as a UI5 developer, Lover of automation, technology, fantasy books & games.
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